from by Deafening Opera




lyrics: moser
music: kunkel

a soft kiss fondling my lips,
a grain of sand between my fingertips,
the waves barely touch our feet.
all day we fool around and tease
enjoying this very summer breeze,
just as if happily ever after.

oh once give it another shot,
baby what the hell are the odds?
this time we'll start all over again.
we're starin' into the glazing sun,
still hoping to get along.
i promise to make it up to you.

but every time i try to get my shit together
i just fuck up again and stain another feather.

oh oh california,
come take a deep breath
and blow your dreams out
into the warm flow.
inhale the sins around,
fade to the dark flow into the orphaned land.

another wake-up in a strangers bed,
the whiskey's aching in my head.
there's no way breaking my habits.
i just don't know why i attract
shitty situations like that.
baby, please cut me some slack.

broken down on all fours,
i slam my fists on your door.
here i am, reaching rock bottom.
i'm beggin' you to answer my calls,
i'd wait here till the night falls,
i promise to make it up to you.

in circles we move,
they're all instrumental.
you love me for who i am,
not for my potential.
i'm just a child
kept in a grownups body.
please help me out,
out of this custody.


from Blueprint, released July 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Deafening Opera Munich, Germany

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