25​.​000 miles

from by Deafening Opera



25000 miles

lyrics: eckstein
music: kunkel

seven years of journey, now i travelled far
but haven't seen anything but the way.
step by step and mile by mile i followed you,
the crooked snake up and down the hill.

the first year was the hardest through the snow,
a thousand miles across the north plateau.
where have i been?

the second year was even harder, as i look back
two thousand miles through the heat.
the blazing sun and southern winds know no mercy
and grains of sand tore apart my feet.

i told you i'd come back, that was a lie.
i said I had to leave, you asked me why.
you looked me in the eye.

if you love me, you must let me go now.
you don't know,
i will have to face my foe.

the next two years i carried on walking
towards the snow-topped mountains of the east.
at first we started off as three companions
but finally the struggles overwhelmed the least.

there was the day i noticed i was grown.
the same day i realized i was alone.
where's my home?

the last three years seemed to be endless,
on a ship that sailed the western seas.
then thousand miles through storm, waves and distress,
so we finally turned back east.

if you love me, please, you must not go now.
seems like
now i have become my foe.


from Blueprint, released July 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Deafening Opera Munich, Germany

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