by Deafening Opera

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This is the brand new album from the Munich band Deafening Opera.


released July 13, 2013

(c) 2013 deafening opera

audiotechnik: ludwig maier

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all rights reserved


Deafening Opera Munich, Germany

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Track Name: Her decay
her decay

lyrics: moser
music: kunkel

her leafs were bleak and limp,
i taste the smell of rose and wine.
a flower of seduction thrives
in a garden just like mine.
i fed her purest water
only when fullmoon rose,
waiting, oh so patiently
that her affection finally shows.

shine on me,
come show me the way.
shine on me,
come show me...

but she never opened up,
she never showed her inside.
god knows i tried it every way.

i was living on the roam
till i found her near the dome.
never knew such beauty, no,
so i made the fields our home.

but she never opened up,
she never showed her inside.
god knows i tried it every way.
all the things i'd given up,
i begged, i prayed, i cried,
i had to watch her decay,
her decay.

come show me the way.

i stood out in the rain,
watching her all day and all night.
i remained when the storms came up
until she showed her light.

when she finally opened up
at last i sensed her inside.
i will betray her in every way.
all the things i'll cover up,
the deed, the need, the pain.
i'll be her decay,
her decay.
Track Name: Dripping hot chocolate
dripping hot chocolate

lyrics: moser
music: kunkel

the moon is full
and the days have been rough.
baby if you take it on,
you better take it off.
i'm not looking for love,
baby that ain't me.
i cannot help myself,
more is all i wanna see.

a night for some gambling,
if you dare.
even if i break her heart,
i don't care.

dripping hot chocolate
on your firm skin.
no matter what the bible says,
i wanna live in sin.
dripping hot chocolate,
nighttime fantasy.
the way you touch the silver pole,
girl, gives me ecstasy.

dripping hot chocolate
down your tight throat.
dripping hot chocolate,
i'm out of control.

smacking your lips
as you crawl.
begging, flirting,
it's all making me drawl.
but for older men
you got a soft spot.
mr. franklin in your thong
and you are getting hot.
Track Name: Blueprint

lyrics: moser
music: kunkel

a soft kiss fondling my lips,
a grain of sand between my fingertips,
the waves barely touch our feet.
all day we fool around and tease
enjoying this very summer breeze,
just as if happily ever after.

oh once give it another shot,
baby what the hell are the odds?
this time we'll start all over again.
we're starin' into the glazing sun,
still hoping to get along.
i promise to make it up to you.

but every time i try to get my shit together
i just fuck up again and stain another feather.

oh oh california,
come take a deep breath
and blow your dreams out
into the warm flow.
inhale the sins around,
fade to the dark flow into the orphaned land.

another wake-up in a strangers bed,
the whiskey's aching in my head.
there's no way breaking my habits.
i just don't know why i attract
shitty situations like that.
baby, please cut me some slack.

broken down on all fours,
i slam my fists on your door.
here i am, reaching rock bottom.
i'm beggin' you to answer my calls,
i'd wait here till the night falls,
i promise to make it up to you.

in circles we move,
they're all instrumental.
you love me for who i am,
not for my potential.
i'm just a child
kept in a grownups body.
please help me out,
out of this custody.
Track Name: Jericho I am
jericho i am

lyrics: moser
music: kunkel

raise, raise your head above the smoke now
and lean, lean your sky into the night now.
you are my shelter, my hostage,
my feelings, your gossage
asking you:
why is my shelter so reddish,
emotions so savage,
worlds apart.

see the darkness that i once became,
so soon will be the curse i am.
spare me your tears and your kisses,
the least of all wishes.
i wish to
be not somewhere but elsewhere,
away from this nightmare,
far from here.

leave me,
burn this whole city down.
leave me,
burn it all down.
leave me,
burn it all down to the ground.
leave me,

free, free me mind, my conscience salved now.
i speak, speak the words you don«t wanna hear now.
so please doubt the perfection
for your own protection.
no more lies.
so stop all your mourning,
wait for my returning,
i'll be back.

once forget it but now it«s burning all down.
Track Name: 25.000 miles
25000 miles

lyrics: eckstein
music: kunkel

seven years of journey, now i travelled far
but haven't seen anything but the way.
step by step and mile by mile i followed you,
the crooked snake up and down the hill.

the first year was the hardest through the snow,
a thousand miles across the north plateau.
where have i been?

the second year was even harder, as i look back
two thousand miles through the heat.
the blazing sun and southern winds know no mercy
and grains of sand tore apart my feet.

i told you i'd come back, that was a lie.
i said I had to leave, you asked me why.
you looked me in the eye.

if you love me, you must let me go now.
you don't know,
i will have to face my foe.

the next two years i carried on walking
towards the snow-topped mountains of the east.
at first we started off as three companions
but finally the struggles overwhelmed the least.

there was the day i noticed i was grown.
the same day i realized i was alone.
where's my home?

the last three years seemed to be endless,
on a ship that sailed the western seas.
then thousand miles through storm, waves and distress,
so we finally turned back east.

if you love me, please, you must not go now.
seems like
now i have become my foe.
Track Name: Paralelno

lyrics: marie
music: marie

il ne restera que des souvenirs,
tragédie virtuelle, réels sentiments,
foramen au coeur et âme en sursis
pour une triste ivresse, éternellement.

l´interdite passion qui les unissait
le temps d´un message, d´un déclic brûlant,
de regards croisés, masqués anonymes,
méritait-elle donc un tel châtiment ?

dieu n´a de raisons, que celles qu´on ignore ;
justice en souffrance pour ses idéaux.
dieu a ses raisons, cruelles, assassines ;
un jardin secret qu´on met au cachot.

can you hear my words?
can you feel my tears?

can you hear my cries?
twin soul calling...

les années qui passent, vies en parallèle,
se vident et se lassent comme des oripeaux.
d´un clic tout revit et l´on se rappelle
les jeux, les plaisirs libèrent le fardeau.

le désir coupable mis en quarantaine ;
en des plis virtuels, les mots effacés.
pudeur des silences, à coeur de nouvelles,
un jour la revoir, il l´aime à rêver.

un matin d´hiver, le voile est tombé ;
le coeur ovale saigne, faire-part publié.
d´un corps en otage, une âme libérée
ne répondra plus : elle s´en est allée.

dieu n´a de raisons, que celles qu´on ignore ;
justice en souffrance pour ses idéaux.
dieu a ses raisons, cruelles, assassines ;
la mort pour laquelle il n´y a pas de mots.
Track Name: No man´s shadow
no man's shadow

lyrics: moser
music: kunkel

staring down to
the puddle of brown,
reflections in my mind.
hushing voices,
made wrong choices.
that's the way things go.

the girls, the vodka,
the gin, the fast car,
i have had it all.
seen all the faces,
seen all the places
but i'm dying all alone.

oh god, see what is left,
see what i have become,
i am only a shadow of my past.
the story foretold, now i am mostly old
and the rain is pouring down on me.

nothing to say, nothing to pray, ever again,
nothing to taste, nothing to waste, ever again,
nothing to see, nothing to feel,

now the curtain falls,
now all is said and done.
my whole life has been a misery.
all my friends have been none.
now that the crowds are gone,
i'm sure that my time has come.

nothing to say, nothing to pray, ever again,
nothing to taste, nothing to waste, ever again,
nothing to see, nothing to feel, ever again,
nothing to heal, nothing to live, ever again.

staring up to
the fame i once got,
pour me another round.
enthralled by money,
lifestyle and sunny
days they promised me.

the fame is all gone,
the ballad's been sung,
the final encore,
a fool to adore.
Track Name: Porcupine syndrome
porcupine syndrome

lyrics: moser
music: moser, kunkel

i walk alone, the shadows drown,
my steps without a sound.

i haste through the midnight park
and the fire you once sparked
is burning deep within my chest.

it is not like i didn't care for you anymore.
actually i regret how much i granted myself being myself.
the point is: my body is scarred from the countless tries
of getting close to someone i might love.

no more pain.
no more gain.
tried to tame.
no more pain.
no more gain.
gone insane.

can't find my way.
all night long i crave for cure.
wherever i should stay,
i just wanna lie next to you, to lie to you.

unknown, i never felt like i
do for you tonight.

in vain i've tried to be strong,
but now that you're gone
i'm finally honest with myself.

all this time i was lying to myself,
so how was i supposed to tell the truth to you?
i'm simply not man enough to take one more,
one more quill sinking through my encrusted flesh, but i have to.